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Managed by the Marini brothers, the Apicoltura Marini farm allows its bees to collect their best pollen in the natural beauty of the Roman and Lazio


Managed by the Marini brothers, the Apicoltura Marini farm allows its bees to collect their best pollen in the natural beauty of the Roman and Lazio countryside The passion for agriculture, a vision of a spiritual life guided by the beekeeper, results in quality products.

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  • Raw Acacia Honey 500g

    Natural Raw Acacia Honey from the hills of Rome: this fragrant and delicate flavour has, according to local folklore, the power to aid recovery and causes a detoxifying effect. Uses and food pairings: a sweetener par excellence, it is often combined with yoghurt, mascarpone, blue cheeses, meat and fish sauce, and it’s great for breakfasts. Let’s buy our...

    £ 11.94
    2 Review(s)
  • Raw Chestnut Honey 500g

    Raw Chestnut Honey is among the most famous Italian honeys. Its colour is very dark, and it has a strong and typically bitter flavour.  Its unique taste makes it suitable for cakes with dried fruit, or glazed vegetables. Excellent paired with red meat dishes, especially roast pork or grilled meats. It is also very good with saltwater fish such as mackerel...

    £ 11.20
  • Raw Wildflower Honey 500g

    Raw Wildflower Honey produced in Italy, has a light colour. The flavour is more delicate than the mountain varieties. It is a great table honey and natural sweetener. Ideal in the preparation of desserts, but also with white meat or sweet and sour dishes. Very intriguing as a base in the preparation of a sauce for grilled meats, combined with curry and...

    £ 10.86
  • Raw Mediterranen Scrub Honey 500g

    Mediterranean Scrub Honey is a Wildflower Honey from hills produced from Mediterranean coastal bushes, whit a particular flavor different from year-to-year depending upon the prevalence of a particular nectar like asphodel, rockrose, thistles, heather, lavender, rosemary and more.

    £ 13.69
  • Raw Coriander Honey 500g

    Coriander honey is produced by bees hives placed in vast coriander farm, the coriander honey will contain certain nutrients of coriander and the taste smell and colour differs from other floral honey. Coriander is a Phytonutrient-Dense Herb having anti- inflammatory properties. Coriander has been used as a folk medicine for the relief of anxiety and...

    £ 13.69
  • Raw Hedysarum Coronarium Honey 500g

    Hedysarum coronarium honey crystallizes spontaneously a few months after harvest, forming a compact and pasty mass. It is great for lazy intestines, it’s diuretic and depurative. It has a detoxifying action for the liver and it represents an excellent natural tonic. It is suitable for any use due to its delicate taste. It perfectly goes with fresh cheese...

    £ 13.69


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