best quality

   We have many good reasons for saying that our honey is unique and very different from any honey available on a supermarket shelf. It’s easy, especially on the web, to claim to be the best and have the highest quality product. It is not so easy to justify the claims that you make. We can do this in accordance with the facts. We would like now to sum up the value of our product in 10 points:

apiaries map

   Our beekeepers place their hives in highly selected areas on the basis of an almost maniacal search. This research starts from reconnaissance using satellite maps. After identifying some possible areas, the relevant land owner is contacted, so that we can arrange a visit. The factors that determine the choice of location are:

  • No pesticides, as assessed by the presence of neighbouring farmlands.
  • Presence of waterways.
  • Presence of honey plants.
  • Accessibility limited only to beekeepers.
  • Distance from noise and vibration.
  • Distance from electromagnetic fields.
  • Distance from buildings.
don't mix honey

   We want our honey to remain pure in its type, and so our beekeepers will never mix two different types of honey simply in order to obtain a greater amount of the most popular honey.

don't warm honey

   Our honey is not pasteurised or warmed in order to keep it in liquid form for commercial purposes.

don't use chemistry

   The honey does not undergo any type of chemical treatment.

temperature and umidity

   The temperature and humidity where the honey is stored means that it will not lose properties such as its rich fragrance or colour.

100% honey

   The honey is filtered and dehumidified, thus obtaining 100% pure product.


   Honey is extracted manually from the combs, followed by centrifugation.


   Our treatment against Varroa destructor, the most dangerous parasite to bees, uses oxalic acid, which is an extract of vegetable origin.

we love honey

   Our beekeepers love our honey and make daily use of it.


   Diseased bees are treated using organic methods; namely, we do not use chemicals

   All these precautions and attention to detail are the result of a fair amount of love that our beekeepers put into their work. This passion is reflected fully in the product quality that flows from it. All that remains, is for you to enrich your life with this great dining experience.

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