The UK is the main market in the European community for the consumption of honey with 10% of total EU consumption.

The annual honey consumption amounts to over 36,000 tons, equal to a per capita consumption of 590 grammes. Regular consumption of honey has increased from year to year.

In the UK there are 40,000 beekeepers with 200,000 bee colonies, of which about 300 are large-scale beekeepers, each handling 40,000 colonies of bees; the remainder consists of small beekeepers.

British production cannot meet domestic demand, and the UK is a major importer. In fact, British imports account for 13% of the total imports of the European community.

The main suppliers are China with 218 293 tonnes and a market share of 56.96% in 2014, Mexico with 29.396 tonnes and a market share of 7.67% and New Zealand with a quantity of 25,714 tonnes and a market share of 6.71%.

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