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Our goal is to spread the culture of Italian organic food by encouraging a healthier and more energetic lifestyle. Our honey embodies exactly this vision, both in business and in all other aspects of life as well.

The decision to create an e-commerce business to sell Italian organic products abroad was quite exciting, because here in Italy there is a strong culinary tradition that has only recently started to become known outside Italy’s borders.

We had to start with the basics, however. First of all, we had to choose a starting zone with a restricted range in order to avoid stretching ourselves too far in the early stages.

The highest quality of Honey and Chocolate

Apicultura Marini

Managed by the Marini brothers, the Apicoltura Marini farm allows its bees to collect their best pollen in the natural beauty of the Roman and Lazio countryside The passion for agriculture, a vision of a spiritual life guided by the beekeeper.

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La Pecheronza

Immersed in the beauty of the Alps Graie, the “buzzy bee” farm, La Pecheronza, founded by Alessio and Nicola, succeeds in blending into the product scientific and agricultural expertise. The surrounding areas are perfect for promoting.

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Le Querce

Le Querce ‘The oaks’ is a family business that was founded in 1998. Thanks to the relentless and hardworking family activities and the rich greenery of the morainic amphitheater of the Canavese, originates a high quality line of organic honey.

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Cacao Crudo

Cacao Crudo is the first firm in Italy to produce raw chocolate. The idea comes from Daniele Dell’Orco, anthropologist and researcher in the food sector and in the consevation and protection of agricultural and wildlife biodiversity.

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