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Immersed in the beauty of the Alps Graie, the “buzzy bee” farm, La Pecheronza, founded by Alessio and Nicola, succeeds in blending into the product scientific and agricultural expertise. The surrounding areas are perfect for promoting a honey that has a unique and unmistakable flavour of the mountains.

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  • Raw Wildflower Honey 500g

    Raw Wildflower Honey has a full and varied aroma with natural, energy-giving properties. Suitable for use in the preparation of desserts and puddings; it goes well with meat and fish as part of a sauce. Excellent with all kinds of fruit. Essay Wildflower Honey Food for body and brain health

    £ 11.12
  • Raw Honeydew Honey 500g

    Honeydew Raw Honey is the only honey that is not made from flower nectar. It remains in liquid form for a long time, but can crystallise, giving it typically a very viscous, stringy quality. Much less sweet and cloying than nectar honeys, sometimes slightly salty, with a touch of malt, suitable for cooked vegetables and prunes. Find out Honeydew Honey -...

    £ 11.12
  • Raw Linden Honey 500g

    Linden Honey: using honey as the essential ingredient a new line has born: The Essences, tiny delicacies made of fruit and honey made with the main beehive products. The ambrosial aroma of the yellow-white flowers draws bees from miles around, at the height of blossoming.

    £ 14.12
  • Raw Chestnut Honey 500g

    Raw Chestnut Honey is among the most famous Italian honeys. Its colour is very dark, and it has a strong and typically bitter flavour. Its unique taste makes it suitable for cakes with dried fruit, or glazed vegetables. Excellent paired with red eat dishes, especially roast pork or grilled meats. It is also very good with saltwater fish such as mackerel...

    £ 14.12


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